AAA Locksmith & Security Consultants
"Your first line of defense against crime"

AAA Locksmith is a Seattle based business established in 1972.

We provide a full range of residential and commercial locksmith services including:
Safes | Alarms | Access Control | CCTV

We are your security experts

AAA Locksmith & Security Consultants Inc. have been servicing the greater Seattle area since 1972. We offer the latest in high security locks and products. We service every product we sell and stand behind our work, with a personal guarantee of your satisfaction. Our staff are highly trained security professionals with both state and national accreditations.

Criminals know where you are vulnerable

Are you aware that in 86% of residential burglaries, the criminal comes through the front door? That's because the front door is usually the weakest part of the structure.

Tangible security vs. feel good security

AAA Locksmith & Security Consultants Inc. can assess your needs and provide you with the security you require. You get real security instead of "feel good security" locks and accessories that make you feel safe when in reality you aren't.

Unauthorized key duplication is your security's greatest enemy

Even the toughest locks are no match for someone who has a copy of your keys. That's why we are proud to offer Medeco High Security Locks. Their patented biaxial locking system makes it virtually impossible for someone to copy your keys without your knowledge. No other lock can provide the level of protection that Medeco can.

AAA Locksmith & Security Consultants
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